InStockNotify - Automaticaly notify customers when items are back in stock
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Our app automatically notifies your customers when a product is back in stock.
Automatically notify your customers when items are back in stock - Bigcommerce stores
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Visitors that previously were anonymous, are now signing up to be notified when your products are in stock.
Forge new relationships for your Bigcommerce store
Forge new relationships with new potential customers.
Monitor which prouducts are popular on your Bigcommerce store
Boost sales by knowing how many people are waiting for each product to be back in stock.
Automatic email notifications when products are back in stock
Customers are happy when they receive the email that the product that are waiting for is available for them to purchase.
InStockNotify service for Bigcommerce stores
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We are Bigcommerce store owners ourselves. Since we built and implemented this app on our store back in 2012, we have seen a 100% increase in our conversion rate! Our customers routinely email us and thank us for this great feature.

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