InStockNotify - Automaticaly notify customers when items are back in stock
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Can I give access to the app to other store users?

Yes! Bigcommerce has released a new feature where the store owner can now grant access to the apps to each store login. To grant access, edit the permissions for the specific user, scroll down to the Single-Click apps section and click the InStockNotify box.

Can I customize the email my customers recieve?

Yes! We include an editor so that you can customize the email notification your customers receive.

I have a returned item and if I add that back into inventory, will all notifications go out?

You can adjust the inventory threshold that must be met before notifications go out from the Settings area once in the app.

Can I limit the number of notifications that go out for a product to the number in inventory?

You can limit the number of notifications for a product that go out from the Settings area once in the app.

Please note that with this setting, the limited number of notifications will be sent every 6 hours. Example: 10 notifications awating for a product. 2 are now in inventory, 2 will get sent with 8 remaining. This process repeats every 6 hours until the products are sold, or all notifications have been sent.

Can I customize the form my customers fill out?

You can update the main form settings from the settings area or you can modify the html and css directly. The app installs the following files into your store template:

  • Styles/InStockNotifyStyles.css
  • Panels/InStockNotifyScripts.html
  • Panels/InStockNotifyPanel.html
  • Panels/InStockNotifyCustom.html

How soon after I update inventory will notifications go out?

We monitor the inventory levels of the products your customers are interested in every 6 hours. When the app sees that a product is back in stock, the email will be sent.

I just updated my inventory, can I run an inventory check right away?

From the menu in the app, select Notifications -> Check Now. This will start the process to monitor the inventory of your store.