InStockNotify will allow you to start automating your customer service today!

Our app automatically notifies your customers when a product is back in stock, eliminating one of the most time-consuming and manual customer service functions. Increase productivity and customer satisfaction simultaneously!


Automated Notifications

Inventory levels are programmatically checked every six hours (hourly with premium plan) and customers are notified via email when their desired product is back in stock.

Customized Emails

Edit color, content, fonts and more in the email that will go out to each customer when the product they are waiting on is available.

Inventory Insight

See which products are the most popular among customers, giving your valuable inventory insight to aid product ordering and inventory management.

Quick & Easy Data Export

All data can be exported to a .csv format for easy data analysis and manipulation.

Access Data Anywhere

View customer and product metrics online from any device simply by logging into your BigCommerce store and accessing the InStockNotify dashboard.

Notification Tracking

style="line-height:1.5;"See when, and how many, notifications have been sent, along with when the customer has read it.




Your main control center for the InStockNotify app. At a glance, see how many active, inactive, and expiring registrations your store has. Additionally, see how many emails have been sent in the past 90 days along with a graph of such activity for the past 15 days.


App Settings

Customize how your app will handle sending emails, inventory levels, options for pre-selling products, and what happens when a product is deleted. You may also turn on a vacation hold for a sending emails.


Registration History

See when your product inventory status was last checked, how many products were queried and how many emails were sent. You can also manually trigger an immediate inventory check here.


Top Products

As a snapshot on your Dashboard, see which products are being signed up for most by your customers. Use this valuable information to to maximize your inventory, streamline internal ordering and drive customer conversions.

Try out the free trial today.

The 15 day free trial has no limitations, many stores have customers signing up within minutes.

How It Works

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Collect customer emails.

When a product is out of stock, a box is displayed on that page for customers to enter their email address. Above the box is a message letting the customer know they will be notified when that item is back in stock. Wording, placement, color, text and font style are editable to ensure it matches the look and feel of your site.

Compile the requests.

Customer and product information, including options such as size or color where needed, are collected and sent to the InStockNotify servers.

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Inventory is monitored.

Inventory levels for each product a customer is waiting for is checked every six hours (hourly for premium plan). An inventory check can also be triggered manually at any time in between automatic inventory checks from within the app.

Customers are notified.

Your customer will receive an email when their requested product is available. The wording, fonts and colors of this email are customizable.

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Keeping you informed.

A comprehensive dashboard keeps track of the number of active, pending and expiring customer registrations, as well as the number of emails sent in the past 90 days. Additionally, the top products customers are waiting for and the most recent requests are displayed.

Pricing Options



USD per month

  • Customizable email content
  • Customizable sign-up form
  • Integrate with Google Analytics
  • Online support
  • Checks inventory every 6 hours
  • Monitor registrations up to 12 months
  • Collect marketing email opt-in permission
  • 15 Day Free Trial



USD per month

  • Standard Features Plus:
  • Hourly inventory monitoring
  • Monitor registrations up to 36 months
  • Store email alerts on new registrations
  • Premium features included in free trial
++ For accounts using the Multi-Storefront feature of BigCommerce, each additional storefront is an additional $5 USD per month in addition to the base license (standard or premium).
  • "We added this app about 6 months ago, and it has been a great addition to our site. Our customers really like the ease of being notified when items are our of inventory, and we like not missing sales when inventory is out. We've learned a lot about which products to always have in stock. Great ROI!
  • "Easily the best ROI of any app I've downloaded for our e-commerce store. Simple to use, price is very low, and have never encountered any bugs with the software. Made up the cost in about two days on the site -- and then some!
  • "Absolutely a must-have for your eComm store. Set it and forget it, or use the data to determine customer demand.
Frequently Asked Questions

Can I purchase one license and use it in multiple accounts?

A separate license is needed for each production account. We do not charge for testing or development accounts.

What is the difference between Multi-Storefront and multiple accounts?

It might seem like multi-store and multi-storefront are the same thing, but they are very different from an architectural standpoint. This is a BigCommerce architectural design of how stores operate and not controlled by third party apps.

Merchants may choose multi-store architecture in order to have separate "stores", catalogs, and functionality, by brand, segment or region.

Merchants may choose to have a multi-storefront architecture in order to have one store, catalog, etc. and leverage channel based storefronts for different brands, languages, currencies etc. (feature release by BigCommerce in March 2022)

Can I give access to the app to other store users?

Yes! BigCommerce has released a new feature where the store owner can now grant access to the apps to each store login. To grant access, edit the permissions for the specific user, scroll down to the Single-Click apps section and click the InStockNotify box.

Can I customize the email my customers receive?

Yes! We include an editor so that you can customize the email notification your customers receive.

I have a returned item and if I add that back into inventory, will all emails go out?

You can adjust the inventory threshold that must be met before notifications go out from the Settings area once in the app.

Can I limit the number of emails that go out for a product to the number in inventory?

You can limit the number of notifications for a product that go out from the Settings area once in the app.

Please note that with this setting, the limited number of emails will be sent every 6 hours (hourly if on the premium plan). Example: 10 notifications awaiting for a product. 2 are now in inventory, 2 will get sent with 8 remaining. This process repeats every 6 hours (hourly if on the premium plan) until the products are sold, or all notifications have been sent.

How soon after I update inventory will emails go out?

We monitor the inventory levels of the products your customers are interested in every 6 hours (hourly if on the premium plan). When the app sees that a product is back in stock, the email will be sent.

I just updated my inventory, can I run an inventory check right away?

Yes! From the menu in the app, select Registrations -> Inventory check. This will start the process to monitor the inventory of your store.

Try out the free trial today.

The 15 day free trial has no limitations, many stores have customers signing up within minutes.

Still got a question?

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